New Homes under construction inspections



Is your builder about to start building your new home, call now!.


Unlike the mandatory building inspections we can inspect your new home from start to finish & everything in-between.



0ur aim is to support you throughout the building process of your home by offering up to 6 different stages of inspections.



BASE/PIERS                                             $150.00 inc. GST


STEEL/SLAB                                             $250.00 inc. GST


FRAME                                                      $300.00 inc. GST


LOCK UP/PRE PLASTER                         $300.00 inc. GST


PRE PAINT/FIX                                         $300.00 inc. GST


FINAL                                                        $300.00 inc. GST



At each stage we assess the works for display home consistency, professional quality as per the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards, compliance with the Building Code of Australia & building standards & tolerances. You will receive (plain english) easy to understand onsite generated report listing any defects including photos.







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